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Space Heat

Need Heat Fast? Consider the Versatile Ceramic Space Heater
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=John_Harvey_Williamson]John Harvey Williamson

Quick, safe and direct are three words that describe the advantages of an electric ceramic space heater. Plug it in for fast directed heat to a specific area of your room - ideal for focusing warmth on grandma or baby Joey when mom, dad and others are comfy with the ambient temperature. Light in weight and easily moved, a ceramic space heater warms in the same way as standing in the sunshine.

What's Special about Ceramic Electric Space Heaters?

Electrical energy is used to heat ceramic plates built into the unit. The plates in turn heat aluminum baffles that radiate the heat in the direction desired. A major advantage of this type of heating is that the temperature is not hot enough to ignite paper or other flammables. Touching the casing does not result in a burn, making them much safer than oil-filled or infrared designs for use in the kids' bedrooms and playrooms. Moreover they will automatically turn off if accidentally tipped. And like most modern electric space heaters, they are equipped with thermostats. Some units offer remote control temperature settings.

Bells and Whistles Add Utility to Ceramic Room Heaters

Remote temperature control is but one of the many features that add utility to an electric ceramic room heater. And manufacturers have exhibited creativity in creating a wide range of designs and features that increase the effectiveness of these heaters. Slim pedestal and column configurations, cleverly configured vase designs mounted in a metal scrollwork base, and easily moved utility or workplace models are but a few of the choices available to fit your d�cor and special space heating requirements.

Useful options include:

Oscillating models to direct heat to a broader area
Cylconic ceramic heaters designed to circulate air throughout an entire room
Auto-adjustable heat output that responds to room temperature changes
Humidifier-equipped ceramic heaters that add healthful moisture to dry winter air
Fresh air ionizers for a more comfortable environment
On-off timers and automatic overheat protection

Other Uses for Portable Ceramic Heaters

Smart homeowners save on central heating costs by turning off the heat in unused or seldom used rooms such as guest bedrooms and bathrooms. When company comes to call a timer and thermostatically controlled portable ceramic heater quickly and efficiently provides welcoming warmth to these areas. If you finish off attics, basements or add rooms to your home ceramic room heaters can save a pile of money vs. extending the central heating system into such areas.

Tips to Safe Ceramic Heater Operation

Today's compact ceramic heaters meet strict codes including auto shutoff if tipped. While they are designed to minimize the danger of burns, exercise caution when placing them in areas where children are at play.

If more than one heater is used in a room, it is best that each operates off a different circuit. And remember never to use an extension cord with any electric space heater.

Going Shopping

Frankly I was amazed at the wide range of choices available in ceramic space heaters. That's why I advise homeowners considering these as a supplement to central heating to look for a space heater specialist such as   rel=nofollow [http://www.heaterstoreonline.com]Heater Store Online to get an idea of the many varieties and sizes of ceramic space heaters that are available. Their online catalog provides product details that may be difficult to obtain from sales personnel in big box stores.

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