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LuxSpas Dual-Force Infrared Saunas - Are They the Best Saunas Money Can Buy?
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=David_Allen_Reynolds]David Allen Reynolds

The LuxSpas Dual-Force Infrared Sauna is a new and unique type of home sauna. Dual-Force saunas utilize both black Bio Spectrum ceramic heaters and 100% compressed carbon panel heaters to produce far infrared heat. This combined heat will deeply penetrate your skin and stimulate significant perspiration.

These high-tech heaters will deliver a dry heat similar to what you find in the desert, and they will deliver it efficiently to minimize your energy costs. They use about as much electricity as a hair dryer.

For you to receive the best health benefits from your far infrared sauna, it's important that you recognize what far infrared heaters actually do and what the purpose of a sauna is.

Far infrared heat rays penetrate deeply into your body and heat subcutaneous fat that is over 1 1/2" deep. This melts your fat allowing your toxins to be released and excreted from your body through heavy perspiration. This also results in cellulite reduction. This deep heat also simulates a mild fever reaction in your body. This is very good, for this activates your body's natural mechanisms for fighting off disease causing viruses and bacteria.

Far infrared heat also penetrates deeply into muscle tissue and internal organs, resulting in an increase in blood circulation. This "heart stress" is similar to cardiovascular training and conditioning.

Therefore to derive the greatest benefit from a sauna you want infrared heaters that will deliver quick and deep heat penetration. The only heaters that have been proven to provide these functions are LuxSpas proprietary black Bio Spectrum� ceramic heaters and carbon heaters. You will receive a deeper penetrating and more intense sweat from these combined Heat Emitters than from ordinary ceramic or carbon heaters.

LuxSpas Dual-Force Infrared Saunas will furnish you with the most powerful far infrared penetrating heat of any sauna available. And you will profit through whole body detoxification, weight loss, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, increased energy, stress relief, more energy, pain relief, and improved skin tone, color, and texture.

With a LuxSpas Dual-Force Infrared Sauna, you'll be perspiring profusely in just a matter of a few minutes at a lower temperature. And that's the main purpose of any sauna--to generate profuse perspiration and provide healthy, healing heat.

LuxSpas Dual-Force Infrared Saunas are truly unique. Their black Bio Spectrum� ceramic heat coupled with their 100% pure carbon fiber heat technology will engender powerful, deep, and consistent heat penetration. They truly offer the best of both types of heaters. They might not be the most expensive, but they are definitely the best saunas that money can buy!

For more information, please go to [http://infraredsaunascenter.com/dual-force-2-person-infrared-sauna]Dual-Force Infrared Sauna.

David Allen is a health nut and is always looking for ways to improve his health. For more information on how you can improve your health as well as your skin tone and texture, please go to [http://InfraredSaunasCenter.com]http://InfraredSaunasCenter.com.