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Hai Flat Iron


Hai Flat Iron

Info on HAI Flat Iron
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Blain_Gowing]Blain Gowing

HAI Corporation was the first ever to give birth to the ceramic plated irons. The Classic Convertible was a huge success for HAI. After this success, HAI went into designing a new technology that incorporated negative ions and tourmaline along with ceramic. This closed the cuticle and resulted in a shinier and healthier hair. The invention of these innovative technologies made HAI the number one manufacturer among many professionals.

HAI Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron is a unique hair straightener that works extremely well on any hair textures. Coarse, ethnic, thick and resistive hairs are not a problem for this model made by HAI. Tourmaline technology integrated with far-infrared ceramic plates helps preserve natural oil and moisture, prolongs durability of the hairstyle, and finishes the hair looking very shiny and healthy. The temperature can be modified at will, ranging from 170F to 390F.

HAI 2 Ceramic Hair Straightener is specially designed to straighten the toughest and the most stubborn unwanted curly hair. They can be used for wavy or coarse hair types too. Made of 100% ceramic plates they are also equipped with variable temperature settings from 170F to 390F.

HAI Nu Stik Ceramic Iron is flexible for all hair textures as it has multiple heat settings that enable you to choose the appropriate temperature. Far-infrared allows the hair cuticles to close hence preventing it from any damages while styling. It also adds shine and preserves moisture. It features auto adjusting floating plates and negative ionic technology that emits infrared heat charge your hair while styling.

HAI Twid Ceramic Styling Iron is good for men's hair. It is, basically, suitable for short hair, so if you are a girl with short hair it will suit you as well. It is designed to have a slim barrel that gives you control while you style. Although it has a slim barrel it is capable of providing uniform heat to the hair. Constant heat, compact size and light design and variable temperature are some of its main features.

All of the above-mentioned HAI hair straighteners will enable you to attain the hairstyle you always dreamed of without compromising the health of your beautiful hair. When it comes to purchase a flat iron, whether it be HAI's or any other company's', make sure that he plates are 100% ceramic as this will reduce the damage on your hair. I also recommend floating plates and variable heat settings as a feature to consider when you buy an iron.

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